Nerida Sparkes

Group Operations Manager

Praescius Board

I was born and raised in Camden NSW, with the exception of my first two years at school which I completed in Essendon, Victoria.  Camden was and still is a great place to grow up, the charm of the country just outside the city.

I joined Praescius in May 2014 as Group Operations Manager following a 17 year career with a global risk management, standards compliance and information business.  My past roles have included client services management, operations management, quality systems and process coordination, human resource management and training, resource scheduling, key client management and IT business analysis.  I also spent a short time as a travel agent some years ago but soon realised I much preferred to be doing the travel myself rather than selling it!

My two years in Melbourne left me with a love of AFL and I go to as many games as I can during the season.  I’m a Bombers supporter at heart but like to see the Swans and Giants do well too.  I live in Sydney’s inner west and absolutely love the lifestyle it offers.  I can be found in any one of the hundreds of fantastic local coffee shops, restaurants, parks or bars most weekends or just enjoying our great harbour city.  Newtown is an amazing suburb and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney.

I attend as many live events as I can; be they sporting, concerts, theatre or anything in between.  I was lucky enough to see America play Canada in the ice hockey recently – certainly an experience.

Travel is definitely a passion, I have been lucky enough to travel to many places in the world but still have lots on my must see list.  Favourite destinations so far… Vietnam, Chicago, New York, Fiji, Rome and London.  My next trip is Hawaii and after that I’d like to do a safari in Africa and see Spain and Portugal.

I’m really enjoying the challenges of my new role at Praescius and learning the differences between large organisations to a smaller one.  I’ve had lots of laughs with NSW, Hervey Bay and Darwin teams so far and I look forward to many more – while we’re hard at work of course!