Business Owners

Our services to you as a Business Owner recognises that you have a significant portion of your current and future net worth tied up in your business. Our services help you:

  • Identify how you can achieve your personal objectives without compromising your business objectives;
  • Ensure your structure is appropriate to manage taxation, stamp duty and outside risks that may financially impact you in the future;
  • Balance your asset position so that you accumulate wealth outside of the business rather than having it all tied up within the business;
  • Provide advice to ensure that key personnel are insured in order to limit the financial impact to the business in the event of something occurring that affected their health and wellbeing;
  • Provide advice to ensure that succession planning is facilitated in a tax effective and legally certain manner, while also ensuring that the funding mechanisms are in place to facilitate transfer of ownership.
  • Corporate Superannuation Plans to assist you in providing a top class superannuation package to your employees as part of your overall retention strategy.
  • Self Managed Superannuation Fund investment.