Whether you are coming in to Australia on assignment or by emigration or have been posted from Australia to another jurisdiction, it is extremely important that you have the right advice to maximise your position. We can provide you access to the best taxation advice which can be complimented with our Financial Planning services so that you can meet your objectives and maximise your financial position. Our services will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the Australian Taxation and Financial System if you are new to Australia and the development of an appropriate Financial Plan to meet your objectives;
  • A review of the benefits of residency vs non residency (for tax purposes) if you are to be posted overseas and provision of advice on how to meet the requirements to be assessed as a non-resident under Australian taxation legislation.
  • Advice on the Australian implications for the transfer of Overseas Pension benefits to Australia;
  • Investment services to non-residents which take advantage of the attractive taxation concessions for certain types of investments.
  • Detailed advice concerning access to the significant investor visa.


Important note: This site is designed for Australian residents only. Nothing on this website is an offer or a solicitation of an offer to acquire any products or services, by any person or entity outside of Australia.